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Points of Contact For Service & Advice

Advice or Service on Request

When you need advice or service – call us. We are here to serve you.

Formal Account Reviews

We conduct formal reviews of client accounts throughout the year. We are flexible for the timing of those meetings but wish at a minimum we have a review at least once a year, preferably each quarter.

Specific Issue Review

As necessary, we will hold a formal conversation around a specific issue, such as buying a new home, changing jobs, obtaining or refinancing debt or settling an estate.

Internet Access to Your Accounts & Statements 24/7

Upon request, we will establish a login and password for you to review your investment accounts online, which includes an archive of your statements for the trailing 24 months. Contact Barbara Draper for more on Account View.

We consistently rely on email to keep our clients notified of important happenings in the stock market and economy; changes in tax, retirement or estate planning laws; or upcoming events and deadlines.